Proof positive using Blockpool's Audiocoin

Blockpool adds another music rights identification based App business to its client roster.

A radical new collaborative music app for creatives has joined the community of businesses future proofing their users digital Intellectual Property through unique identifiers on the blockchain.

The as yet undisclosed client is using Audiocoin, the dedicated public chain for the music industry, to register users as the original creators of short compositions. Underpinned by Blockpool technology, the registration is written to the Audiocoin chain to acknowledge and record its existence along with the time and date it was created. In short, establishing proof of creation.

This is yet another use-case for the public Audiocoin chain – as well as Blockpool’s more evolved private blockchain cousins. We will continue to develop the functionality of the offering as we move forward.

Every recording artist and rights management business can see that this type of ‘day of creation’ provenance is crucial. Is a partnership both Hookslam and Blockpool can be proud of.


Audiocoin is the public blockchain created almost 10 years ago by the precursor business to Blockpool, Aurovine. The public and private chains that Blockpool develop are the blockchain of choice for the music industry, with Audiocoin the dedicated token to help determine the flow of value around the industry.

Audiocoin is a decentralised public chain steered by the ADC Foundation. This means it is not owned or controlled by any one entity but maintained by the community. Development updates are funded and decided by the community, for the good of the community.

For further details contact Dave Blundell at or call +44 7435 291510.

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