BLOCKPOOL TEC Bounties Information

  • Campaigns Overview

    Blockpool Token Exchange Campaign Bounties

    We will reserve 500,000 BPL Tokens (2% of the total amount) for bounties that will be distributed to all those who promote and support the Blockpool TEC. Distribution will take place as soon as our mainnet commences forging.

    All information is listed below and the bounty initiative will run until 12.00 midnight (GMT) on June 30th, 2017. All data regarding bounties earned will be published so that all participants will know how much BPL they will receive in advance of the distribution.

    The total number of BPL for each initiative is listed below.In addition, the 3 participants who earn the most BPL during the campaign will be awarded a bonus of 1 pre-ico share and the 3 best submissions in our Developer incentive will be awarded the other 3 pre-ico shares. For a description of the pre-ico share (now sold out apart from these 6) see here.

  • Signature Campaign

    Signature/Avatar Campaigns - 70,000 BPL Tokens

    Help us spread the word about BPL and you will receive a stake units every week! All you need to do is add our official signatures to your Bitcointalk profile. In order to provide a fair bounty distribution, register at the Blockpool website and add your Bitcoin Talk username to your profile. We will randomly check all our Signature bounty participants once a week at the bitcoin talk signature thread to ensure participants are wearing their signatures at all times.

    You can see list of all participants and leaderboard at this page. Blockpool will update this list regularly for the most accurate data.You need to make one post per week in order for your bounties to count at the official BPL signature bounty thread at Bitcointalk or if you miss to post in that week have at least 5 new posts on Bitcointalk to count for that week.

    Signature for Member, 20 stake units per week.Signature for Full member, 40 stake units per week.Signature for Sr. Member or Hero, 60 stake units per week.Signature for Legendary, 70 stake units per week.Avatar for Full Members and up, 10 stakes per week (only applicable when used in combination with the signature).

  • Sweepstakes

    Sweepstakes Bounty - 86,000 BPL Tokens

    Randomly throughout the BPL TEC process, Blockpool will provide links to our Sweepstakes where participants can complete tasks, like Tweets, Facebook Likes, Video Views, Social Media tasks and more for amazing Bounties!

    Sweepstakes will use the service provided at

    New offers will appear here first. 1st sweepstake now complete with winners here

  • Translations

    Translations - 20,000 BPL Tokens

    We are going to be distributing tokens for selected languages only. In order to apply for your language register here as we need to confirm you first.

    1.German — 1,600 BPL
    2.French — 1,600 BPL
    3.Portuguese — 1,600 BPL
    4.Chinese — 1,600 BPL
    5.Russian — 2,000 BPL
    6.Italian — 1,600 BPL
    7.Indonesian — 1,600 BPL
    8.Hindi — 1,600 BPL
    9.Urdu — 1,600 BPL
    10.Polish — 1,600 BPL

    Other languages and TEC document translation work please ask for details

    Please note we will check previous translations and ratings. Google translations not accepted and we reserve the right to independently verify.All translations must be done at least 2 weeks before TEC ends (before 16th June 2017).

    Provisional translation list now available here. We'll contact each user to confirm

  • TestNet Nodes

    TestNet Nodes - 60,000 BPL Tokens

    We’ll distribute 60,000 BPL tokens to volunteers who host a TestNet node. Please apply on our slack channel (to join visit Our TestNet is already running and stable ahead of schedule (Updated 11/6/17).

    Our development bounties have been moved to the Github section (below).

  • Blog Outreach

    Blog Outreach - 20,000 BPL Tokens

    Blockpool will distribute 20,000 BPL tokens for bounty blog posts. Blog post may be published anywhere on the internet and must be publicly accessible. Posts must be written in English only. A blog that counts for Blog bounties must:
    1. Have 300+ words or more.
    2. Needs to contain at least 1 link to the Blockpool io website: 
    3. Must be submitted at this link so that it can be verified.
    4. To be considered you must also be a member at the Blockpool website (details below)

    The blog should have unique content (ANN translations or copy and paste articles do not count). You should also be registered at our website so that we can award your stakes.
    Register at the Blockpool website
    Submissions can be English only

    Blockpool will give out 10, 20, or 30 stakes depending on the quality of the blog post. You can see list of Blog posts here (stakes will be totalled and divided at the end of the TEC)
    (NOTE: This is ending the same time as the TEC ends no further submissions will be accepted after that date)

  • Video Promo Contest

    Video Contest - 30,000 BPL Tokens

    >Blockpool will distribute 30,000 BPL tokens for a video contest. We will look at all of the submissions and select the best videos based on the below criterium:

    Commercial Viability

    To submit a video use this form

    To speed up verification process you can include your Bitcoin talk username in the description of the YouTube /Vimeo / Facebook or any other video hosting provider. After you see it accepted in the upper form you can delete your username from the description.
    It is a condition of submission that all winning media content will be available to Blockpool for unrestricted use.
    Submissions — we will link/embed the best videos at

    Rewards :
    1st Place = 10,000 BPL
    2nd Place = 6,000 BPL
    3rd Place = 3,000 BPL

    All other videos that are worthy of the Blockpool name will also recieve highly commended bounties as follows:

    4th-10th Place = 1250 BPL / each
    11th Place onwards-> Will split the remaining 2,250 proportionally

    (NOTE: The Video incentive ends at the same time as TEC and no further submissions will be accepted after that date)

  • Last Chance BPL Bounty

    BTC Exchange - 21,000 BPL Tokens (From June 1st Onwards)

    Will be split between all participants exchanging BTC for BPL and a using the special promo code below.

    Use code: bplslack10

    when paying with BTC for 10% discount and a share of the 21,000 BPL bounty!

    All exchanges of BTC for BPL through our official BPL TEC page will be eligible and a list of the allocations will be posted here.

  • Github Dev & Bug Bounty

    Github Development & Bug Bounty - 140,000 BPL Tokens

    Blockpool will distribute 140,000 BPL tokens for helping out with the development of our platform with either GitHub commits or finding out bugs/security vulnerabilities. (note: this will be an ongoing bounty that will be paid starting from second month of the mainnet launch -  payment structure to be determined).

  • Website Outreach

    BPL Supporting Websites = 30,000 Tokens

    This will be an ongoing bounty and we will select 1 or more websites each month (starting from main net launch) that will be eligible for 250 to  2,000 BPL / each as a thank you for doing a great work to promote and develop useful websites that benefit BPL ecosystem. Website can be anything BPL related, but the bigger the impact for community the more BPLs you will receive (some ideas : Mobile Wallet, Paper Wallet, Block Explorer, BPL accepted as payment, and any other use case involving BPL promotion).

    Once the website or resource is ready, submit your URL using this form

  • Affiliate System

    Affiliate System - 10% Affiliate Rewards and 40,000 BPL bounty

    Have you already registered at our website?

    You can earn 10% BPL units for every referred purchase

    Register now at our affiliate area to get your personal referral link. Register here

    In addition we have a 40,000 BPL bounty that will be awarded as follows:

    • Top affiliate (by sales) 10,000 BPL
    • 2nd affiliate (by sales) 8,000 BPL
    • 3rd affiliate (by sales) 5,000 BPL
    • 4th affiliate (by sales) 4,000 BPL
    • 5th affiliate (by sales) 3,000 BPL
    • 6th affiliate (by sales) 2,000 BPL
    • 7th affiliate (by sales) 1,000 BPL
    • 8th affiliate (by sales) 900 BPL
    • 9th affiliate (by sales) 800 BPL
    • 10th affiliate (by sales) 700 BPL
    • The remaining 4,600 BPL will be split between the next 30 affiliates achieving the highest valid referral totals on a sliding scale