About BLOCKPOOL's Technology


What is DPoS?

Delegated Proof of Stake is a method for securing a digital token network, processing transactions and achieving a distributed consensus regarding the ownership of funds without the need for a central authority.

It evolved from the Proof of Stake system, which itself was developed in order to reduce the cost and inefficient electricity usage associated with Proof of Work systems such as the one used by Bitcoin.

The DPoS method was first implemented as Bitshares by the developer Daniel Larimer. The main difference between PoS and DPoS is in the validation of transactions. Regular PoS networks require full consensus to validate whereas in a DPoS system a limited number of delegated nodes can be assigned to validate consensus.

This system is attractive to the private Blockchain requirements of medium to large businesses who may be part of a large network but have no requirement for full (public) decentralisation.

We have found that this pseudo decentralised solution is both effective and preferable to traditional decentralised digital currency systems. Blockpool has taken inspiration from the pioneering work of Bitshares, Crypti Lisk and latterly ARK to construct a pure B2B data and transaction system that can power and revolutionise the way medium and large scale businesses evolve and improve.

The BLOCKPOOL system provides a myriad improvements in the way businesses operate and communicate. It promises a quantum shift that will change the way we live and work not unlike the Industrial Revolution did at the turn on the last century