Keeping your ESG safe with Blockpool private chains

Blockpool’s datacentres run on more than 85% renewable energy according to its CTO, Tim Shank. “We offset the remainder,” he says.

“On top of that we participate in a carbon offset program that puts us solidly in the negative. We’ve analysed the energy usage of our chain and it comes in orders of magnitude less than anything that other chains have published. We will continue to add to that offset as we deploy for clients – licensing a private chain actually removes carbon from the environment.”

Blockpool is also a member of – offsetting far greater than we consume for internal business processes and computing.

An analysis of our footprint is as follows:

Test CPUIntel i7-10710U 6 cores, Hyperthreading Active, Clocked to 1.8GHz, 25W TDP, Turbo & Speedstep Off
5,000xEmpty block forge12.0WhMargin of error– 0 Wh / + 0.499 Wh
5,000xFull block forge23.5Wh
5,000xEmpty block validate11.5Wh
5,000xFull block validate22.5WhRunning iterations for individual txs was not realistic given the low usage.
DerivedAdd transaction to block (unvalidated)0.0153mWh
DerivedValidate transaction in block0.0147mWhEven 100k iterations would still have a 33% margin of error.
240 full blocks/hour * 150 transactions/block = 36,000 transactions/hour
4.7 mWh/full block forged + 4.5 mWh/full block validated * 100 peer validators = 454.7 mWh/block forged and validated
240 full blocks/hour * 454.7 mWh/block total cost = 109 W network usage @ 36,000 tx/hour

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