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We are the UK’s leading private blockchain provider. Build your business blockchain in hours. We give creators and rights holders mature, pre-programmed, digital asset blockchain solutions.


Provenance and Authentication. NFTs are now getting serious and Blockpool can guide you through all the use cases from NFTs to ticketing. Track your assets with confidence.

Origin is more than a bombproof ownership rights and smart contract tool. It brings your physical and digital work into the new digital economy. But it also changes its nature: Giving you the ability to transform how your work is experienced by its owner over its life-time – so they keep coming back for more.

  • Add new experiences
  • Increase customer value
  • Protect new IP
  • Protect existing IP across chains
  • End fakes
  • End plagiarism
  • Reduce cost of protection
  • Transform products
  • Web3-ready

Tokenise your relationship with your users and customers – and harness their behaviour.

Urban is an engagement tool that gets your customers pushing your latest sales through their own purchasing-choices and social networks. Incentivise your brand universe – and your partners’.

  • Kickstart new launches
  • Retain customers
  • Gain new ones
  • Minimise cost of sale
  • Maximise brand
  • Reward Influencers
  • Transform sales
  • Demonstrated at SXSW

No compromise, completely private, personal data authentication.

Offer your customers rock-solid, data-private, identity authentication – way beyond ticket management. Created for the UK Government’s Innovate UK covid pandemic response, Blockpool’s Persona makes privacy and data authentication total, massively scalable, and automatic.

  • Unintrusive
  • Anonymous
  • Trustless
  • Automated
  • Massively scalable
  • Repeat use

Don’t wait for your competitors to steal the business advantage (and the limelight).

Choose your blockchain solution. Integrate it. Launch. Do all of this in two weeks from now. Blockpool’s NFT solution hold all its functionality in one core chain. No need to invest tens of thousands in development with no guarantee of success. Simple API management. Spin up, spin down at the touch of a button. Let our NFTs transform your business.

  • Choose function
  • Grab API
  • Integrate front end
  • Turn on
  • Do business
  • Tell the world about it

Industry Solutions

Utility NFTs used in the creation, sale and rights management of music, art and gaming are obvious places to start. But blockchain has already spread much farther into every industry. We know asset tracking and identity authentication are equally profound areas of change. Talk to us about yours.


No time to wait

Music creation, sale, distribution and rights management are being transformed by blockchain – as is ticketing. Utility NFTs and their use-cases are growing exponentially, and will be worth as much as $42 billion in ten years.


Blowing up

Blockpool NFTs are the next level in Art asset creation, sale and management. We have solved the problems found in Ethereum marketplaces – and have even more functionality.

supply chain

Industry ready

Our blockchain solutions are being used in real-world chemicals supply chain management systems. We can apply it to any industrial application. Call us now for yours.


Experiment now

You have 18 months to experiment and test your Blockchain / Web3 / Metaverse buyer experience before your competitors do it. The time for waiting is over.

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We work with some of the world’s most forward-thinking businesses to transform the creation, sale and ownership of digital assets – and their buyers’ experience.

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