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The BPL Token Exchange Campaign
(May 1st - Jun 30th)

Use BTC, Shapeshift & Stripe here

Real World B2B Blockchain solutions backed by an established team of business professionals, coders and blue chip organisations.

Want to use ADC or DPoS coins? See below

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Use a variety of cryptocurrencies via shapeshift to exchange for BPL TEC Units.
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Exchange ADC for BPL TEC Units

As described in our prospectus we are allowing the use of ADC (at a special exchange rate) for our participants. Whilst the ADC market rate is below BTC 100 sats, this represents a great way to obtain BPL TEC units at a competitive rate.

ADC Exchange
BTC100 sats

$10 per BPL TEC Unit

  • • Pegged at BTC 100 sats
  • • Limited Time Offer

Use DPoS Tokens


Use Lisk or Shift tokens and get a 10% discount on BPL Tec Units here.

Pegged Value

Including Discount

  • • LISK
  • • SHIFT