Bjork Embraces Digital Currency with Blockpool

Utopia for Bjork & Blockpool

New album released with crypto purchase options and innovative rewards system

Blockpool have been working with One Little Indian (Bjork's label) on developing crypto checkout and reward functions for users of the Bjork store. Bjork is the first major artist to embrace cryptocurrency in a meaningful way and this is the first step into exploring the transactional benefits along with the creative potential of the blockchain

How have Blockpool been involved?

The blockchain isn't just something that can provide the framework for digital currencies. It can be used to provide the backbone to a multitude of creative ideas. For this project Blockpool looked at both a checkout plugin and also used it's proprietary blockchain integration technology to build a smart rewards system.

Blockpool's cryptocurrency checkout plugin was built with flexibility in mind in order to be used on the popular shopping carts like Magento and Shopify.

Once users have checkout out of the Bjork store, they are invited to claim rewards (in this case Audiocoins) at MyBlockpool, the hub of Blockpool's blockchain integration technology. In this first iteration, users can select rewards from brands, create wallets for Blockpool (BPL) coins along with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Audiocoin and Dash. They can move coins around, engage with the geolocation app to earn mobile rewards and engage with crypto in an easy to use none technical way.
MusicAlly feature Blockpool technology breakthrough with Bjork

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What is Blockpool?

Blockpool (BPL) is a B2B blockchain framework enabling businesses to have a controlled and secure network on which to build applications. The master BPL chain helps secure sidechains using Delegated Proof of Stake. The complementary blockchain integration technology helps businesses extract a multitude of extra features from the blockchain including smart marketing initiatives and smoother integration with legacy systems.

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What is Audiocoin?

Audiocoin (ADC) is a scrypt based Proof of Stake (POS) blockchain created to show music industry the potential to disrupt the inefficiencies of the current system. It can help to improve aspects of digital tracking by using scarcity and limited editions to drive value into diminishing revenue streams. It has also been used to show how smart contracts can provide a whole new ecosystem for artist and fan engagement.

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How to get started with digital currency

Blockpool are pioneers of real world use cases for Blockchain and digital currency. Just by following our website, medium or discord channel you'll be able to discover ways to interact with the blockchain and digital currency.
Our Blockpool integration technology enables users to have a non-technical window into the world of blockchain. Here they can interact with brands, manage wallets and engage with a range of offers, rewards and exciting geolocation initiatives (think of a turbo version of pokeman go!).